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BeaInspired – The Holiday Season

The holiday season is upon us; well it is almost upon us! For those of us who create our own Christmas cards to send out, it is imperative to get an early start! We decided today was a day to BeaInspired by the holiday season. Today the air is crisp, the leaves have begun to […]

Around the House – Broken Jewelry

If you are not really into jewelry making (or did not go through a jewelry making phase) then you probably do not have beads just lying around. You might, however, have some broken jewelry that you meant to fix but never got around to it. Or jewelry that is out of style to wear but […]

Around the House – Baking Cups

Little ones have started gallivanting off to school and you know what that means? About once a week your little one will come cruising home with chocolate cupcake remnants on their face from a classmate’s birthday party. So when it comes time for your little one’s birthday, what will you do with those extra baking […]

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