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BeaOrganized – Glitter Glue

Last week’s BeaOrganized blog featured a great storage tip for dry glitters, today we want to show you another fantastic idea involving glitter. Today’s storage tip is a great way to store glitter glue to be ready at a moment’s notice. http://smbogan.typepad.com/chickenscratch/ Attach a small magnet to the bottom of each glitter glue bottle. In […]

BeaOrganized – Cricut Cartridges

Although I create my own SVG files to use with my Cricut Expression, I also have a collection of Cricut Cartridges as well. Over the weekend I purchased a new cartridge and began looking at ways to store my cartridges in a more visible way. So I went on Cricut.com and purchased two of their […]

BeaOrganized – Make Baskets Functional!

Do you have baskets you have collected that end up being not as functional as hoped due to the holes in the basket? Or perhaps a wood or wire crate that things just slide through? Well today we have a great solution for these problems! Try lining the basket or crate with fabric. 1. Cut […]

BeaOrganized – Wrapping Paper

‘Tis the season…for gift wrapping! This is truly one of my favorite parts of the year. I love coming up with new and creative ways to wrap gifts, tie ribbons, and make gift tags. One thing that seems rather cumbersome with wrapping paper, is it’s size and awkward shape. Storage of wrapping paper tubes can […]

BeaOrganized – Ironing Area

It can be such a hassle to get out an ironing board every time you need  to iron a tiny piece of fabric for a card. A lot of times I end up laying down a hand towel and ironing on top of that. I came across this photo while looking for creative storage solutions […]

BeaOrganized – Ribbon Spools

Today’s organization tip comes from a blog that I follow called: Crafting A Green World. An entry titled ‘Your Craft Space: Six Project to Get You Organized’ caught my eye, and I could not help but cruise their idea list. Lucky for me, I found this awesome idea for ribbon storage! If you like the […]

BeaOrganized – More Ribbon!

Good morning! I wanted to quickly share another ribbon storage idea I stumbled across on the Better Homes and Garden website. As you know I am always looking for new ways to organize supplies, and also great ways to reuse items lying around the house in a new way. Today’s blog combines both! Pictured below […]

BeaOrganized – Paper Scraps

This week I wanted to share how I store some of my paper scraps. This rolling storage unit used to be in my Dad’s office until he could no longer use it. I rolled the storage unit into my craft room and began sorting my paper scraps by color. The paper is sorted by drawer […]

BeaOrganized – Craft Notes

I am constantly writing notes. I have notes all of my wall that include: standard card sizes, to-do lists, frequent die cuts used, etc. I saw this idea in a DIY newsletter that I get every other week and thought it was adorable and worth passing along. If you read this blog, you are most […]

BeaOrganized – Envelopes

This week’s organization solution came to me in a backwards fashion. Usually I have something that truly needs organizing; this week I had an object that I wanted to use for organizational purposes. I was given an old wooden Pepsi crate and I have been dying to find a use for it! I thought about […]

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