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Around the House – Fabric Scraps

I had some small fabric scraps left over from a recent project. I wanted to use them, but they were really too small to incorporate into another fabric project. Instead I decided to use them on a card. The base of the banner triangles are 1.25″ with the point at .75″. Simply cut the triangles […]

BeaOrganized – Paper Scraps

This week I wanted to share how I store some of my paper scraps. This rolling storage unit used to be in my Dad’s office until he could no longer use it. I rolled the storage unit into my craft room and began sorting my paper scraps by color. The paper is sorted by drawer […]

BeaOrganized – Ribbon Scraps

A few weeks ago I wrote a BeaOrganized storage solutions blog on storing spools of ribbon. This week while cruising some crafting articles I ran across an idea for storing ribbon scraps. As was the case with our beads storage solution, this ribbon storage features a clear floss box. The idea is to wrap your […]

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