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Around the House – Glitter

Not too long ago we blogged on some Making Memories shimmer swirls that we purchased at a local craft store. After using the swirls, I loved the effect that they had on my cards, but wasn’t crazy about the effect on my pocketbook. After panning around my craft room looking for ways to emulate this […]

Around the House – Postcards

Postcards are a fantastic way to create a simple card in a fast and easy way. Gather any postcards you have received and are okay parting with (some are just too fun to let go of). Simply attach the postcard to a solid colored backing (to cover up any writing). Then attach the postcard (with […]

Around the House – Gift Bag

Yesterday we hosted a baby shower for long-time BeaOriginal supporter Donya. At the end of the event there were gift bags strewn about the living room. One gift bag had been taped, and when opened, torn. The bag was rendered ‘unusable’ and destined for the trash can when I thought, wait a minute! There, is […]

BeaOrganized – Small Embellishments

There are literally tons of possibilities for how to store your small embellishments. Eyelets, brads, beads, clips, jewels, gems, brackets, we all have tons of embellishments. The thing about small pieces like these is that they are difficult to keep separated, but still located in one place for easy access. Today BeaOriginal has a solution […]

BeaOrganized – Ribbon Scraps

A few weeks ago I wrote a BeaOrganized storage solutions blog on storing spools of ribbon. This week while cruising some crafting articles I ran across an idea for storing ribbon scraps. As was the case with our beads storage solution, this ribbon storage features a clear floss box. The idea is to wrap your […]

Around the House – Cocktail Umbrellas

It’s funny the things that you bring home after a great vacation. After a trip to Hawaii for example your suitcase is bound to have sand (whether you wanted to bring it home or not), shells, pictures, and maybe even a few of those cute little umbrellas they put in your cocktails.  That is exactly […]

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