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BeaLocal – Looking Glass Garden

A big trend in the craft world right now is chalkboard and the use of chalkboard paint. It’s popping up everywhere and all over Etsy. One shop is right here in Chico, California. Looking Glass Garden offers a wide variety of chalkboard-based products. My favorite products of theirs involve the recycling and upcycling of goods […]

Around the House – Tissue Paper

As I cruised through my list of normal blogs that I follow I ran across this tutorial from the Idea Room. The tutorial talks about how to create tissue flowers to cover a few styrofoam balls using crepe paper. We wanted to borrow the idea and use it for a card embellishment. We adjusted the […]

BeaOrganized – Miscellaneous Craft Supplies

Did you know that you are not supposed to dispose of paint cans in the regular trash can? It can create an environmental hazard and sanitation issues. Lucky for you today’s craft storage organization tip includes a way to recycle or upcycle paint cans. This idea comes from Better Homes and Garden online newsletter in […]

Around the House – Artificial Flowers

Whether from an old Christmas centerpiece, stored wedding decorations, or fancy gift wrapping, lots of people have artificial flowers laying around their house or stored in the back of a cabinet. These flowers are perfect to be used in your card making. Going to a craft store for similar flower embellishments can take up to […]

Around the House – Paper Towel Rolls

Today I can truly take no credit for this idea. I stumbled across this tutorial at Homemade Mamas this morning and I just had to share! Homemade Mamas provides a great step by step tutorial on how to create wall art from paper towel rolls. The end results is a creative, unique design; perfect for […]

BeaOrganized – Beads

Good morning craft followers! Today’s organization tip is perfect for strands of beads in the craft room or even necklaces in your bedroom. I am actually borrowing this idea from a cousin of mine who is oh so creative when it comes to organizing and redecorating her home. Amber, my cousin, took a metal rake […]

Around the House – Christmas Cards

Hello again! As the mailbox fills with Christmas cards from family friends I find myself discarding cards from last year and replacing then with update family photos and beautiful Christmas cards. Today we have another idea on how you can recycle last season’s Christmas cards…this time, into a fun holiday garland — perfect for the […]

Around the House – Bedazzler

You remember the old Bedazzler machines! You adorned your bell bottoms for years and now you have a bunch of left over jewels and no use for them. We are about to change all of that. Try using some of your left over jewels on a festive Christmas card like the one seen below. This […]

Around the House – Christmas Cards

Ever wonder what you could do with all the Christmas cards you receive each year? Yes, they look wonderful strung up around the house for the season, but there will be new cards to hang up next year.  How about recycling the cards into gift tags for next season? This process is simple and fun […]

Around the House – Wooden Spools

I found today’s Around the House today while scrolling through one of my favorite blogs Craft Gossip. For those of you who currently sew, have sewn for a long time, or have mothers, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers who sew you are bound to have some old wooden spools lying around the house. Just Something I Made […]

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