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BeaInspired – A Niece!

As I announced a little bit ago on my blog, my sister is currently pregnant with my first baby niece due on January 18th, 2011. She will effectively even the score of nieces vs. nephews at 1-1. Personally, I think it’s great! Now I have one of each, and can make any craft project that […]

BeaInspired – Friends

I am always really touched when someone comes to me and asks for a special card for a special occasion. A co-worker approached me this week and asked for a card for his girlfriend’s birthday. These kinds of requests are my favorite because someone has seen my work and likes it enough to want to […]

BeaInspired – Graduates and Graduation

On Thursday I sat with my family through hail and rain (literally, it was pouring) to watch my cousin graduate from Chico High. My heart fluttered as she walked across that stage beaming with pride, and we her family hooped and hollered during her ten seconds of glory. This week I am inspired by my […]

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