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SVG File – Princess Crown

This week’s first SVG file available for purchase is a Princess Crown. This SVG was created for a customer in response to a custom SVG request, and we wanted to share it with all of you! BeaOriginal is currently offering new subscribers to our newsletter a FREE CUSTOM SVG file! Designed based around exactly what […]

BeaInspired – Cricut “Straight from the Nest”

Although I have learned to create SVG files that work directly with my Cricut machine, does not mean that I can resist some of the great cartridges from Provocraft! I recently bought the Straight from the Nest cartridge at Joann’s. What I like most about this cartridge was the variety it offered. Not only are […]

BeaInspired – BeaOriginal Baby Shower

This weekend we hosted a BeaOriginal Baby Shower for Donya, a long time follower and supporter, and coincidentally, my sister! Donya is going to be a mom in mid-January and we couldn’t be more thrilled for her! This week we thought we would share some photos from the shower in our inspiration blog, and hopefully […]

BeaInspired – Time…or lack thereof

Good morning BeaOriginal followers! I wanted to jump online this morning and share with you a card that I made last night. After a day full of struggles and difficulties I decided I needed a little crafting therapy so I headed to the studio.  I have found that when time gets away from me, or […]

BeaInspired – Rain

It rained in Chico today. Not a cold rain, but nevertheless rain. It made me think of winter time, and of course the holiday season. I love holiday parties, festive table settings, the fire cracking and of course the rain. Needless to say, I am greatly anticipating this winter season. All of my thoughts about […]

BeaInspired – A Niece!

As I announced a little bit ago on my blog, my sister is currently pregnant with my first baby niece due on January 18th, 2011. She will effectively even the score of nieces vs. nephews at 1-1. Personally, I think it’s great! Now I have one of each, and can make any craft project that […]

BeaInspired – Little Princess

My sister asked me to make a card this week for her niece’s upcoming birthday, so today she was my inspiration. Laura is very into princess’, like several young girls I know, so I used this crown off the Happily Ever After cartridge for the Provocraft Cricut. I love using layering as a way for […]

BeaInspired – Friends

I am always really touched when someone comes to me and asks for a special card for a special occasion. A co-worker approached me this week and asked for a card for his girlfriend’s birthday. These kinds of requests are my favorite because someone has seen my work and likes it enough to want to […]

Music Monday 8.0 – The Beatles

“I don’t know why you say goodbye, I say hello.” Whether it be on the radio during their prime, on the oldies station now, or even on the Target commercial everyone has heard this song. It’s repetitive nature and catchy tune make it the perfect song to play over and over again in your head […]

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