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Around the House – Crackle Effect with White Glue

I found a tutorial on the Make the Best of Things that I wanted to try out for myself. Although a lot of my works shows a disposition towards clean lines and images, I do have a soft spot for distressed effects. The blog that caught my eyes was how to create a crackled effect […]

BeaOrganized – 12 x 12 Paper and Paper Pads

My organization tip this week is very simple, especially if you have kids who have outgrown some of their toys. Puzzle sets for children often come in wooden containers like the one seen below. Each puzzle slides into it’s own spot. Why not take these puzzle holders and store paper? I know, you would not […]

BeaOrganized – More Ribbon!

Good morning! I wanted to quickly share another ribbon storage idea I stumbled across on the Better Homes and Garden website. As you know I am always looking for new ways to organize supplies, and also great ways to reuse items lying around the house in a new way. Today’s blog combines both! Pictured below […]

BeaOrganized – Paper Scraps

This week I wanted to share how I store some of my paper scraps. This rolling storage unit used to be in my Dad’s office until he could no longer use it. I rolled the storage unit into my craft room and began sorting my paper scraps by color. The paper is sorted by drawer […]

Around the House – Crepe Paper

Today I used crepe paper to make a flower embellishment for a card. I have used this folded technique before in our BeaInspired – Sunshine and Summertime blog. This technique is extremely easy, but looks so awesome. Crepe paper has a great, unique texture that really brings some life to the flower when combined with […]

Around the House – Tissue Paper

Tissue paper! I have been thinking about using tissue paper on a card for awhile. The great thing about tissue paper is that most people have it lying around, and if you don’t then after the next birthday you should! This week I used the tissue paper to form a pleated 1-1/2″ horizontal stripe on […]

BeaInspired – A Lovely Little Lady

This week my mother asked me to make a card for a lovely little lady’s 80th birthday! Grandma Shirley, as she is known to all, is a sweet, little (I’m not kidding she is smaller than 5′ tall), wonderful lady. She has become somewhat of an adoptive grandmother to all the cousins of her actual […]

Music Monday 7.0 – Norah Jones

Norah Jones is one of my absolute favorite artists. My first exposure to Norah Jones came at the Bridge School Benefit Concert in 2005. Norah rocked the acoustic set with her band and I was hooked. I have three of her albums and if I’m looking for a quiet evening, Norah’s music hits the spot. […]

BeaLocal – Ellis Art & Engineering

Over the summer I was fortunate enough to visit South Korea with my parents. My favorite part of the trip was finding this little shop filled with handmade paper. The walls were filled with pull-out hangers, each with the most beautiful patterned paper draped across. I wish I could have picked up the store and […]

Around the House 7.0 – Bleach Pen

I subscribe to about a dozen crafting blogs that I peruse every week. This week one of the blogs featured a t-shirt spoiled by bleach transformed into a t-shirt designed with bleach! As I read the blog I could not help but wonder if bleach would have a similar effect on paper. I picked up […]

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