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Around the House – Chalk

Everybody has their own style. One of my favorite things to do is create cards with someone specific in mind. Some of my co-workers and I sat down to think about a card for a colleague the other day. After reminiscing over several inside jokes we decided to go with a graffiti theme. My wheels […]

BeaInspired – Math

For some people math just never added up.  Love can sometimes be the same way. But we think math and love can make a great pairing, especially when it comes to making cards! We received a request for a card featuring the slogan “My love for you is exponential.” We thought this was a creative […]

Free SVG File Download – Wrench

This week’s first free SVG file available for download is a wrench. This SVG was created for a customer in response to a custom SVG request, and we wanted to share it with all of you! BeaOriginal is currently offering new subscribers to our newsletter a FREE CUSTOM SVG file! Designed based around exactly what […]

BeaInspired – Father’s Day

With tomorrow being Father’s Day what better inspiration is there for this week’s BeaInspired blog? I thought I would share the card that I made for my Dad this year. We celebrated Father’s Day today so my siblings and their spouses could all make it. I saw a card with this slogan in the last […]

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