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BeaLocal – Knit ‘n Kaboodle by KLM

My 4th of July memories are filled with picnics, fairs, and of course… craft shows! Craft shows are so fun, and they are an awesome way for local vendors to share their products with one another and with the public. That is the same goal I have with my BeaLocal blog series. Today I am […]

BeaLocal – Tia Louise

Today’s local spotlight is a newbie on Etsy. Tia Louise just created their shop two days ago and they have already caught our eye! They must be doing something right! Tia Louise is made up of two sisters who love finding things and making them into something new, functional, and fashionable. They use previously-loved materials […]

BeaOrganized – Yarn Leftovers

I was cruising some craft blogs last week and came across a tool that I just had to have. I cannot tell you how many countless hours I have spend untangling leftover yarn! I end up spending hours winding the yarn into a ball. When I go back to use the yarn again, the ball […]

Around the House 6.0 – ChicoBags

After a short hiatus BeaOriginal is back with another installment of Around the House! This week our blog is a little out of the ordinary, instead of talking about a card technique we are talking about storage space. If you don’t have a space specifically designated for your crafting, then you may find your projects […]

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