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BeaOrganized – Craft Room

As many of you know, BeaOriginal updates can be found regularly on Facebook. We also follow updates of other sites we think are relevant, intriguing, or just plain fun. One of the pages we follow belongs to Build.com; Build.com is an online home improvement store (just like Lowe’s or Home Depot…but better pricing and service!). […]

Around the House – Vintage Buttons & Mismatched Hoop Earrings

“Vintage button” is a term loosely applied here at BeaOriginal. That button that popped off your coat, or you found underneath the couch last year, is a ‘vintage button’ in our eyes. Today’s Around the House idea comes from Good Housekeeping magazine, and is perfect for those upcoming holiday parties! We created a drink tag […]

BeaInspired – BeaOriginal Baby Shower

This weekend we hosted a BeaOriginal Baby Shower for Donya, a long time follower and supporter, and coincidentally, my sister! Donya is going to be a mom in mid-January and we couldn’t be more thrilled for her! This week we thought we would share some photos from the shower in our inspiration blog, and hopefully […]

BeaInspired – The Men in Your Life

Yesterday I was inspired by some of the men in my life. It just so happens that my brother-in-law, father and grandfather all have their birthdays within a span of 6 days. So yesterday was the day to sit down and create some cards! I always struggle when making cards for men. The color palette […]

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