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BeaOrganized – Templates

Every once in awhile you will buy a tool or accessory that comes with a template to help guide you in your crafting process. I know my Making Memories tag maker, and the tags that are sold separately, come with square or circle templates for the paper inserts. The problem is, you can never find […]

BeaOrganized – Random Tools

I cannot take any credit for this week’s creative storage solution, but I will reap all the benefits of it’s use! Today we are introducing peg board to the craft room. Peg board has always fascinated me; it is so versatile and I have seen uses for it in every room of the house…not just […]

BeaOrganized – Small Storage Jars

I know I am not inventing the wheel here. I know I have seen this idea done different ways all across the board. But it’s such a great idea, I had to share my version. What you will need are some plastic containers, baby food jars, or something similar, nails, rubber stoppers (optional), and things […]

BeaOrganized – Paper Punches

Welcome to this week’s BeaOrganized blog! Let me preface this blog by saying the only credit I can take for this idea is how I have interpreted the idea for my craft space. The other day I find myself searching for a storage solution for paper punches (much like how you may have found our […]

BeaOrganized – Drying Cards

Rubber stamping on cards is borderline a necessity. Almost every card I create has a rubber stamp element to it. But this means that almost every time I create a card I fight the difficult battle of not smudging my stamped image! I can’t tell you how heartbreaking it is to finish a card and […]

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