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Around the House – Tissue Paper

Tissue paper! I have been thinking about using tissue paper on a card for awhile. The great thing about tissue paper is that most people have it lying around, and if you don’t then after the next birthday you should! This week I used the tissue paper to form a pleated 1-1/2″ horizontal stripe on [...]

BeaInspired – Friends

I am always really touched when someone comes to me and asks for a special card for a special occasion. A co-worker approached me this week and asked for a card for his girlfriend’s birthday. These kinds of requests are my favorite because someone has seen my work and likes it enough to want to [...]

BeaInspired – Sunshine and Summertime

Do you find that the weather outside directly correlates to your mood? Not only does the weather correspond to my mood, but also my crafting! I am talking about every part of my cards; from color to style, sentiment to embellishment. As we quickly approach summer, my cards have brighter color palettes, rounded styles, softer [...]

Music Monday 9.0 – Jackie Greene

Last weekend my boyfriend and I waited in the cold morning air to get tickets to see Jackie Greene perform at the Sierra Nevada Brewing Company Big Room in May. Afterward I visited his website to download some free tracks to tide me over until the concert. One of the tracks I downloaded was actually [...]

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