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BeaLocal – Cotton Lounge

Although I never got really into quilting, I have a great-grandmother and other women in my life who have made the most beautiful and treasured quilts, and it is something I would love to learn as I grow older. I dabbled in quilting as a child, making a quilt for my American Girl Doll’s bed; […]

BeaOrganized – Fabric

This idea is by no means reinventing the wheel…but more like re-creating a smaller wheel that works on a more realistic scale for your home. Imagine a fabric store filled with bolts (that’s what the cardboard with the fabric wrapped around it is called) and bolts of fabric. Now imagine the same concept…in your home! […]

Around the House – Fabric Scraps

I had some small fabric scraps left over from a recent project. I wanted to use them, but they were really too small to incorporate into another fabric project. Instead I decided to use them on a card. The base of the banner triangles are 1.25″ with the point at .75″. Simply cut the triangles […]

Around the House 4.0 – Fabric

Everyone has extra fabric lying around, and don’t just assume that you don’t! Think about that old T-shirt or a handkerchief you have collecting dust in your drawer. This week I chose to use a piece of fabric leftover from a former project as the key element in my Around the House project. I chose […]

Give the Gift of GREEN!

To go green, an individual makes a conscious effort to reduce their carbon footprint on Earth. Some choose to go green on a small scale by taking reusable bags to the grocery store, drinking out of a stainless steel water bottle, or riding their bike to work. Others take it to the extreme by adding […]

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