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BeaLocal – Redding Handmade

This week I am extending a little beyond the locality of Chico, CA to share with you Redding Handmade. I found Redding Handmade by visiting www.etsy.com/shop_local.php. Redding is about two hours north of Chico, and I have some family that lives there. Redding Handmade offers not only paper-based products but also several fabric and texture [...]

BeaOrganized – Craft Notes

I am constantly writing notes. I have notes all of my wall that include: standard card sizes, to-do lists, frequent die cuts used, etc. I saw this idea in a DIY newsletter that I get every other week and thought it was adorable and worth passing along. If you read this blog, you are most [...]

BeaOrganized – Tools and Accessories

It’s back to school time! Which means aisles of pencils, erasers, glue, scissors, and best of all (the highlight of today) those plastic, snap-close pencil cases. My brother was doing some cleaning and passed along one of these pencil cases to me last weekend, this weekend I headed over to Target where they were on [...]

BeaOrganized – Cylinder Container

What do you get when you pair a BeaOrganized idea with an Around the House technique? Answer: this awesome cylinder container storage solution! Perfect for crochet hooks, knitting needles, makeup brushes, hair brushes, even cooking utensils in the kitchen; this versatile container is easy to make and looks great! – Cut a piece of paper [...]

BeaOrganized – Random Tools

I cannot take any credit for this week’s creative storage solution, but I will reap all the benefits of it’s use! Today we are introducing peg board to the craft room. Peg board has always fascinated me; it is so versatile and I have seen uses for it in every room of the house…not just [...]

BeaOrganized – Yarn Storage

BeaOrganized – a new blog series! One thing I am constantly ‘Google-ing’ is creative storage solutions for my craft supplies. This blog is an opportunity to share my finds and my ideas on craft storage! I am happy to call this idea my own! After seeing a wine rack that had been reused as yarn [...]

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