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BeaOrganized – Beads

Good morning craft followers! Today’s organization tip is perfect for strands of beads in the craft room or even necklaces in your bedroom. I am actually borrowing this idea from a cousin of mine who is oh so creative when it comes to organizing and redecorating her home. Amber, my cousin, took a metal rake […]

BeaOrganized – Beads

Let’s get organized! I have found that one key to keeping a craft space clutter-free is to keep items that I do not use frequently, out of the way, organized and easy to access for when I do need it. One craft supply that I seem to have a lot of but don’t use too […]

Just BEAD it!

And for the movie buffs… I’ve got the need, the need for BEADS! Alright, all jokes aside! I’ve been looking for new ways to use some of my old craft supplies on my cards. With money tight for a lot of folks these days, I think creatively using supplies already on hand is a great […]

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