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Around the House – Chalk

Everybody has their own style. One of my favorite things to do is create cards with someone specific in mind. Some of my co-workers and I sat down to think about a card for a colleague the other day. After reminiscing over several inside jokes we decided to go with a graffiti theme. My wheels […]

Around the House – Glitter

Not too long ago we blogged on some Making Memories shimmer swirls that we purchased at a local craft store. After using the swirls, I loved the effect that they had on my cards, but wasn’t crazy about the effect on my pocketbook. After panning around my craft room looking for ways to emulate this […]

Around the House – Postcards

Postcards are a fantastic way to create a simple card in a fast and easy way. Gather any postcards you have received and are okay parting with (some are just too fun to let go of). Simply attach the postcard to a solid colored backing (to cover up any writing). Then attach the postcard (with […]

Around the House – Crackle Effect with White Glue

I found a tutorial on the Make the Best of Things that I wanted to try out for myself. Although a lot of my works shows a disposition towards clean lines and images, I do have a soft spot for distressed effects. The blog that caught my eyes was how to create a crackled effect […]

Around the House – Soda Tabs

Soda tabs are one of those things that are easy to collect, just keep a small container right next to your recycling bin, to pop the tops and toss them into, when you’re done with your soda. These soda tabs also make great embellishments for cards! Recycle or upcycle (whatever your preferred term is!) the […]

Around the House – Tissue Paper (Rosette)

A few weeks ago we wrote a blog on how to make a rose or flower from leftover holiday tissue paper. We focused on how to take that flower and put it on a fun Valentine’s card. Today we wanted to showcase the full project from the Idea Room. To visit the Idea Room tutorial […]

Around the House – Tissue Paper

As I cruised through my list of normal blogs that I follow I ran across this tutorial from the Idea Room. The tutorial talks about how to create tissue flowers to cover a few styrofoam balls using crepe paper. We wanted to borrow the idea and use it for a card embellishment. We adjusted the […]

Around the House – Artificial Flowers

Whether from an old Christmas centerpiece, stored wedding decorations, or fancy gift wrapping, lots of people have artificial flowers laying around their house or stored in the back of a cabinet. These flowers are perfect to be used in your card making. Going to a craft store for similar flower embellishments can take up to […]

Around the House – Paper Towel Rolls

Today I can truly take no credit for this idea. I stumbled across this tutorial at Homemade Mamas this morning and I just had to share! Homemade Mamas provides a great step by step tutorial on how to create wall art from paper towel rolls. The end results is a creative, unique design; perfect for […]

BeaInspired – Vinyl

I spent a few days this New Year’s weekend helping my sister prepare for her little one that is due in mid-January!  It was my first experience with Provocraft’s Cricut Cuttables Vinyl. My sister asked that the quote “Thank heaven for little girls” be displayed on the wall as well as some type of border. […]

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