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Although I feel like I write about this topic quite frequently, it is one that I find myself frequently addressing in my own craft room. Organizing paper can be an overwhelming task. Especially if you love paper as much as I do. I recently saw a great tutorial on Paper Crafts Magazine that got me inspired to use more of my scraps.

The tutorial combines scraps to create new “sheets” of paper. The sheets end up having stripes of multiple scraps. I don’t use too many stripes in my projects, but I loved the idea of grouping scraps of similar colors for quick and easy use. So I pulled out my scraps and grouped together about ten sets of scraps. When I finally found some time to craft, I pulled out these groups and whipped out some cards really fast! I realized just how much time I spend looking for paper to begin my project, it can really take the wind out of your creative sails.

I saw this idea and thought it would be perfect for organizing these scrap groups.

Throw each set of scraps into a folder and file away. Here is an addition to the idea too: attach an envelope to the inside of the file folder and include pre-made embellishments and ribbon scraps that also match your scraps. That way when you need to make a card quickly, you already have all the paper you need, your embellishments are ready, and you can just pull out the folder and create!

Hope this helps you get motivated to organize your paper scraps! Thanks for reading.

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