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Everybody has their own style. One of my favorite things to do is create cards with someone specific in mind. Some of my co-workers and I sat down to think about a card for a colleague the other day. After reminiscing over several inside jokes we decided to go with a graffiti theme. My wheels in my brain started to spin with the excitement of doing something entirely different from my typical style.

My final vision (shown below) ended up being quite simple to the eye, but much more complicated in terms of actual construction. I wanted to create graffiti lettering that really popped up off the paper, and not just by the use of dimensional adhesives. First, I began with the lettering. I created an SVG file using a graffiti font I found online. The file had two layers: the black background and the neon green foreground. Then I printed the “Happy” and “Birthday” parts directly onto the card. After mounting the green on the black, I used dimensional adhesive to apply the “Thuggin” cut out to the card.

After looking at the product, I wanted to add another element to make the graffiti pop out. So I grabbed some black chalk that I had and using a makeup applicator, I applied the chalk along the outline of the graffiti on the bottom side. This created almost a shadowed effect that was perfect for my card.

The final piece was a small die cut of a crushed spray can and some more chalk for shadowing. Since this card was made for a male, I wanted to keep it simple and on theme and I was just thrilled with the final product. Isn’t it amazing what you can do with the things lying around your house? Thanks for reading.

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