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Photo storage can be tricky because not only do you want a system that will keep your photos organized, readily available, and is easy to maintain, but you also need a system that will maintain the quality of the photos and not allow them to degrade over time. I recently received a request for storage ideas for photos, so I started doing some online searching to see what systems out there are popular.

After reading multiple reviews, and thinking about the functionality of different systems I am going to recommend the Power Sort from Creative Memories.

The Power Sort shown above assists in storing, organizing and transporting up to 1,200 photos. The accessories and inner compartments allow you to keep photos safe and there are plenty of dividers to sort the photos any way you would like. The smaller compartment boxes are also nice if you’re headed to a scrap event and only want to take the photos you will be using.

The starter set comes with:
1 Power Sort Box
6 Compartment Boxes
2 Compartment Box Covers
6 Power Sort Dividers
Inside cover storage sleeve
Instruction Booklet

Try out their layout kit to help you safely store your layouts that are in progress while you head to and from scrapbook events. This system is sold by Creative Memories (find it by clicking here) and is really reasonably priced.

**Here’s a tip, sort your photos into large categories (years, decades, etc.) and scrapbook one section at a time. For example, take your photos and sort them by year. Take each year and organize the photos within the Power Sort system. Work through your layouts until that entire year is done and then move on to the next year.

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