BeaOrganized – Cricut Cartridges

Although I create my own SVG files to use with my Cricut Expression, I also have a collection of Cricut Cartridges as well. Over the weekend I purchased a new cartridge and began looking at ways to store my cartridges in a more visible way. So I went on and purchased two of their green polka dot cartridge binders. I considered the zip up binder, but I like how the green polka dot binders are laid out. It is easier to find and grab the one you need.

The binders hold 12 cartridges each. There are two types of pockets, and 6 sets of the pockets within the binder. The first pocket will hold the books and the overlays for two cartridges, the second pocket will hold the two cartridges associated with the books and overlays. I split up my cartridges into fonts and images, and then grouped like cartridges together. The vinyl pockets are clear so I slipped a piece of paper in the front of the pocket so I can quickly and easily see which cartridge is where. Vinyl pockets on the outside have labels that say “fonts” and “images”.

It’s a pretty good organization system, especially if you just have a small collection of cartridges like myself. Thanks for reading!

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