Today’s BeaLocal spotlight belongs to LEXIBAGS, a designer of deeply fabulous handbags from Northern California. LEXIBAGS provided such a lovely biography in their Etsy profile, I thought I would share it with you all.

“Lexibags was started by M. M. Adams in August , 2006 and began from a deep and abiding love of handbags. Ms. Adams wanted a bag that was intriguing where a woman could express her real personality instead of buying into the “cookie cutter” mode of big department store purses.

The designer of Lexibags was exposed to the arts at an early age by her father, who was accomplished at film shooting as well as having his own photography studio. Ms. Adams pursued her artistic side in the field of interior design, fashion, and still photography but her love of bags drove her forward into handbag design.

In Lexibags, you can see the beauty of Northern California and Ms. Adams takes inspiration from the natural elements that surround her studio. Her eye for detail is unique and her handbags reflect her own sense of quality and experience. ”

These bags are amazing! To visit their store you can click here or on the photo below. Keep up the great work LEXIBAGS, we cannot wait to see what you come up with next! Thanks for reading.

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