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At craft shows, one of my favorite things to do is to walk around and see what other vendors are offering and their beautiful displays. My favorite booths are always the interactive booths that have samples for visitors to try or play around with. I found this idea on a blog called Retropolitan Hip and thought it could translate into an interactive studio to take on the go to craft shows!

Vintage suitcases can be found, at inexpensive prices, at thrift stores, garage sales, or consignment shops (to name a few). We suggest finding a suitcase in fairly good shape; they key is finding one with sturdy handles– since you will be lugging it around from show to show.

The process:

1. Depending on the material, wipe clean the outside of the suitcase. Take some fun and colorful fabric, or some patterned paper, and some hot glue or spray adhesive and re-line in the inside of the suitcase.

2. Add velcro, elastic straps, and fun vellum pockets to the lid portion of the suitcase.  Purchase some small storage boxes for the lower portion to hold tools, paper, and embellishments.

3. Place all the supplies needed for visitors to create a piece of their own in the suitcase.

This is a fun idea that is sure to catch the eye of those passing by. Draw them in with a fun and interactive experience! Thanks for reading.

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