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As many of you know, BeaOriginal updates can be found regularly on Facebook. We also follow updates of other sites we think are relevant, intriguing, or just plain fun. One of the pages we follow belongs to; is an online home improvement store (just like Lowe’s or Home Depot…but better pricing and service!). They recently posted an article on their Facebook about devoting a whole room in your house to crafting! Isn’t that the dream? Anyways…I had a look and loved some of the ideas I saw in the pictures. We get a lot of inspiration just by looking at pictures, layouts, and colors. We wanted to share the link with you here today in hopes that you may draw some inspiration from it as well.

You can visit the article by clicking here, or on the photo below. Thanks for reading today!

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  1. Sean
    Posted December 21, 2010 at 2:42 pm | Permalink

    Thanks for passing this along. Yeah, the craft room. That would certainly make our lives a lot easier. Now I’m inspired. And looks like it’s the real deal. Thank you for that tip, too.

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