BeaOrganized – Yarn Leftovers

I was cruising some craft blogs last week and came across a tool that I just had to have. I cannot tell you how many countless hours I have spend untangling leftover yarn! I end up spending hours winding the yarn into a ball. When I go back to use the yarn again, the ball rolls around everywhere as I pull the string to use it. So frustrating!

This nifty little tool shown below is a Royal Yarn Winder. This tool is really easy to use and winds your extra yarn into neat yarn balls (as seen in the photo) with a center pull! Now my yarn is wound nicely and ready for easy use. This would also be a great tool if you buy handcrafted or hand-spun yarn that comes in a yarn hank. I found my yarn winder on If you are looking for a great gift idea for any knitters or crocheters, this may be a hot ticket! Thanks for reading.

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