BeaOrganized – Ribbon Spools

Today’s organization tip comes from a blog that I follow called: Crafting A Green World. An entry titled ‘Your Craft Space: Six Project to Get You Organized’ caught my eye, and I could not help but cruise their idea list. Lucky for me, I found this awesome idea for ribbon storage! If you like the idea of the stackable, plastic ribbon containers available at WalMart or Michaels, but you do not want to spend $10 each for them, then you will love this easy version that can be made at home! All you need is a bunch of empty tea boxes (ask family and friends, they are sure to have some you can use) and some scissors.

Bright and Blithe originally posted this idea and had a fun addition for it as well. Insert a thump tack or two through the back of the container and tack them on a bulletin board! This takes the ribbon off your table and is a great idea for a small space! Thanks for reading today.

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