BeaOrganized – More small embellishments

I know I have seen this idea in several places, but I love this twist I found on Funky Junk Interior’s blog. Using muffin trays can be a great way to keep small embellishments organized in a drawer. Or if you are pretty handy (or you have a handy husband) consider creating a rack that you can slide a muffin trays into. I love how Funky Junk Interior spray-painted these muffin tins in order to make them a little more colorful and lively.

You can find muffin tins at thrift stores, or even at Wal-Mart for only a few dollars. With a can of spray paint you will be on your way to a cute, colorful, and most importantly effective way of storing your small embellishments. Thanks for reading today.

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    Couldnt agree more with that, very attractive article

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