BeaLocal – Tia Louise

Today’s local spotlight is a newbie on Etsy. Tia Louise just created their shop two days ago and they have already caught our eye! They must be doing something right! Tia Louise is made up of two sisters who love finding things and making them into something new, functional, and fashionable. They use previously-loved materials as much as possible, and are excited about sharing our creativity.

I too crochet and dabble in knitting; I am always looking at others’ products in amazement! Tia Louise is no exception. Their products are unique and beautiful. For example the chic gray scarf pictured below can be dressed down for comfort or dressed up for style. We really recommend you visit the Tia Louise shop and look around! To visit their store you can click here or on the photo below. Keep up the great work Tia Louise! We simply cannot wait to see what you come up with next!

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