BeaOrganized – Small Embellishments

There are literally tons of possibilities for how to store your small embellishments. Eyelets, brads, beads, clips, jewels, gems, brackets, we all have tons of embellishments. The thing about small pieces like these is that they are difficult to keep separated, but still located in one place for easy access. Today BeaOriginal has a solution for you!

We pull today’s idea out of the kitchen and into the craft room. A spice rack! Genius, we know! Not just any spice rack though, preferably one that spins on an axle, and is not so big that it overwhelms your space (unless your crafting space is huge). We think this one below is perfect size. Remember not all of your products need to be stored in one place, but having the items you use the most within reach will make your creative process go a lot faster and smoother. Thanks for reading today!

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