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It isn’t too much of a stretch to assume that people who love to craft, have a creative side. I know many crafters that also do some form of personal art on the side. Today I want to introduce you to Twirling Tree out of Chico, California. Twirling Tree uses a combination of new, vintage, and second hand natural fibers to create fun, functional, adorable, and eco-friendly treasures for you. Most of the creations are suitable for all ages!

For those of you who also work on some form of personal art, Twirling Tree offers some really beautiful, colorful traveling art portfolios. The portfolios are fully lined and interfaced to make them as sturdy and functional to use as they are delightful to look at. Realistically these cases can be used to take any project on the road. Knitting, crochet, a sketch book, really…anything! If you would like to visit the Twirling Tree store, you can click here or on the photo below. Keep up the great work Twirling Tree we can’t wait to see what you come up with next.

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