BeaInspired – The Men in Your Life

Yesterday I was inspired by some of the men in my life. It just so happens that my brother-in-law, father and grandfather all have their birthdays within a span of 6 days. So yesterday was the day to sit down and create some cards! I always struggle when making cards for men. The color palette is much more limited, and (at least for the men in my life) all sparkles and gem embellishments are put on hold.

The best method I have found is to think of a hobbie or theme that they enjoy and generate some inspiration from there. My brother-in-law enjoys fishing (this card will be featured on Friday’s ATH blog), my dad enjoys golf, and my grandfather is a man of simple taste. Based on these ideas I created the cards for each of them and will be sharing them throughout the weekend. Here’s the card that I made for my dad. How do you find inspiration for cards for the men in your life? Comment below! Thanks for reading!

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