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Every once in awhile you will buy a tool or accessory that comes with a template to help guide you in your crafting process. I know my Making Memories tag maker, and the tags that are sold separately, come with square or circle templates for the paper inserts. The problem is, you can never find these templates when you need them! I wanted to have them hanging up (man, I love vertical storage solutions don’t I?) so I could just grab them when I need them.

I used a clothes pin for this idea, because they are so classic looking. This idea would be very simple with a strip of metal attached to the wall, and a small magnet attached to the back of the clothespin. Or…if you want to add some flair, attach a flattened bottle cap to your hanging surface, and stick the magnet clothes pin to it! This is just a fun alternative. You can really use this idea for anything you would like to hang up. Cards that need drying, a necklace you are in the middle of beading, notes, really anything. Thanks for reading!

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