BeaInspired – Rain

It rained in Chico today. Not a cold rain, but nevertheless rain. It made me think of winter time, and of course the holiday season. I love holiday parties, festive table settings, the fire cracking and of course the rain. Needless to say, I am greatly anticipating this winter season. All of my thoughts about the winter season got me inspired to break out the winter paper punches, and themed papers to make something.

I once went to a holiday party that used a brighter color scheme than the typical red and green, or blue and silver. The color palette included a hot pink, purple, lime green, and sky blue. I took from that color scheme and made this great, simple party invitation. This Studio G stamp is great for party invitations. A simple circle around the month and day and you have a creative way to display the date of your party. Just note the location and time on the back and you are all set. Thanks for reading today.

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