Around the House – Broken Jewelry

If you are not really into jewelry making (or did not go through a jewelry making phase) then you probably do not have beads just lying around. You might, however, have some broken jewelry that you meant to fix but never got around to it. Or jewelry that is out of style to wear but could make a great embellishment for a card!

When I was in junior high school, oh so long ago, puka shells and shell necklaces in general were all the rage. Now…not so much! I found one of my old shell necklaces recently and thought, hey, these would make a cool embellishment. Because most jewelry pieces are already drilled with a hole somewhere, they are really easy to string together, or string with ribbon to attach to a card.

I strung these few shells together and snapped a picture for you all to see. These would be cute for a destination wedding or beach themed wedding for napkin rings, or invitations (keep in mind postal cost though)! I strung mine together using fishing wire. Thanks for reading!

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