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I am really excited about this ATH blog. Today i am imprinting on metal using some metal imprinters given to me by my Papa (my Grandfather). I often describe Papa as a mixture between Bob the Builder and Mr. Rogers. He has more tools and workshop knick-knacks than anyone I know. He recently showed and let me borrow a set of number and letter metal imprinters. They are small metal pegs with letters and numbers on the end.

I quickly wanted to put these to use in my craft room. I used the metal imprinters on some Making Memories metal sheets that I found at Michaels Arts and Crafs ($2.99/2 sheets). These sheets are easily cut using scissors. To imprint, you simply place the metal peg (letter side down) onto the metal and then tap once or twice with a hammer. The letters are nice and clean looking and are a fresh way to add a sentiment to a card.

Although mine came with letters and numbers, think about things around the house that could create a similar effect. Thanks for reading.

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    What a great resource!

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