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I cannot take any credit for this week’s creative storage solution, but I will reap all the benefits of it’s use! Today we are introducing peg board to the craft room. Peg board has always fascinated me; it is so versatile and I have seen uses for it in every room of the house…not just the garage. I do have some ideas for sprucing this idea up a little bit though!

First of all, I love that this pegboard is framed, it provides a much cleaner look then just hanging up the peg board on the wall. If it were me, and I had some peg board lying around (which sadly I do not, but trust me I will find some soon) I would paint this a bright color for my wall. Maybe a light green backing with white frame. The idea of cleaning and painting means you can swipe some of that peg board from your husband’s garage (don’t worry he won’t even notice!) and make it craft room ready with a few simple steps!

How about painting a checkered pattern using the dots as a guide? How adorable would a black and white checkered board look? Or since we are paper lovers at BeaOriginal, how about punching some holes in some paper and lining the board with that? The possibilities are really endless as far as design, and the functionality of this idea is undeniable. Grab some peg board from the garage, a frame from a yard sale or thrift store, and a peg board kit from Home Depot. You’re looking at less than $20 for a great addition for your craft room. Thanks for reading.

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