BeaOrganized – Envelopes

This week’s organization solution came to me in a backwards fashion. Usually I have something that truly needs organizing; this week I had an object that I wanted to use for organizational purposes. I was given an old wooden Pepsi crate and I have been dying to find a use for it! I thought about it all week and it finally came to me.

Envelopes. Before, I had my envelopes stored in a cloth hanging organizer. The organizer was nice, but I could not see the envelopes so it made it difficult to really see what kind of envelopes are on hand. This organizer is great for being able to see what you have, however, it doesn’t store the larger envelopes which is one down side. Nevertheless, I love how it looks and I think I will continue to use this storage solution. In fact, I think I will go right now and clear a shelf in the closet! Thanks for reading.

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