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I have a special treat for those of you as enthralled with the ‘green’ movement as I am! If you are looking for ways to reduce your litter at lunch time, ElizabethJennings has some surprising products that will do the trick. This shop offers some really unique sandwich and snack reusable bags.

Each product has a hook and loop enclosure to keep that delicious turkey sandwich tucked safely inside or keep your rice crackers from spilling all over your backpack/purse. They are offered in two sizes: sandwich or snack sized and mini sized. Save yourself some money and save the earth some plastic by buying these for your kids to take to school! They already have to bring their lunch pales home, may as well have them bring the sandwich and snack holder home as well. Plus you will save money by not having to buy plastic sandwich and snack baggies.

This products are great, and very environmentally conscious. To visit ElizabethJennings you can click here, or on the photos below. Keep up the great work ElizabethJennings, we can’t wait to see what you come up with next!

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