Around the House – More Bottle Caps

Believe it or not my mom has pulled through yet again for my blog! This week she brought home a Good Housekeeping magazine article about creating bottle cap magnets for your refrigerator . I know this strays from my usual Around the House where I use items around the house to enhance my greeting cards. But this week all of our blogs have been a little different than normal, so I thought I would keep the trend going.

In true BeaOriginal style, I took the idea and made it my own. Since I have a large bulletin board in my office, I decided to flip the script and make these bottle caps into push pins for a bulletin board! This project is super simple all you need is a Cricut machine, some colored paper, thumbtacks (the flat kind) and in my case a fun night with my family (bottle caps)! There are three steps to follow.

1. Cut out 1″ circles using your Cricut machine and the colorful paper you selected.

2. Hot glue the paper to the inside of the bottle cap.

3. Hot glue a thumbtack to the back of the bottle cap.

It is as easy at that! And, great news! If you don’t feel like making these yourself, or don’t have the means to, BeaOriginal will soon be offering Bottle Cap Magnets and Bottle Cap Push Pin DIY (Do-It-Yourself) kits. Watch for them in our store soon! Thanks for reading.

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