BeaOrganized – Small Storage Jars

I know I am not inventing the wheel here. I know I have seen this idea done different ways all across the board. But it’s such a great idea, I had to share my version. What you will need are some plastic containers, baby food jars, or something similar, nails, rubber stoppers (optional), and things to be stored!

These plastic jars were given to me by a friend who knows I am always looking for small storage containers for my craft space. I like the idea of the plastic jars because if something were to happen and one of these jars fell off the shelf, it would not break and send glass flying everywhere. But, I always recommend that you use what you have lying around the house, so if baby food jars is what you have, use them, just consider not hanging your shelf too high!

The shelf I am using was featured in my BeaOrganized – Ribbon blog, and is actually an old shelf unit from my parents bathroom. It worked perfectly for this project because it has a solid shelf bottom. There are two ways to nail the container lid to the shelf. The first is to flip the shelf upside down, place the lid on top, and nail through. If the nail comes all of the way through the shelf, you can hammer it down flat so you do not hurt yourself.  You can also nail through the top of the shelf down through the lid. In this case, use a rubber stopper on the inside part of the lid to help hold the lid in place and cover the nail.

After that all you need to do is rehang your shelf, fill your containers, screw them back onto the tops and you’re set and ready to go. Hope you like my version of this project, and I hope you are enjoying this blog series. Remember, use what you have! We’re all about creative storage solutions! Thanks for reading.

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