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Welcome to this week’s BeaOrganized blog! Let me preface this blog by saying the only credit I can take for this idea is how I have interpreted the idea for my craft space. The other day I find myself searching for a storage solution for paper punches (much like how you may have found our blog today). I have recently accumulated several hole punch, hole punch shaped, and shape punch tools.

I am the proud owner of a Crop-a-dile, Imaginisce i-Top, and two of the three sized shape punches to use with the Imaginisce i-Top. I also have some smaller punches here and there. Right now I am storing these items in a clear plastic shoe box. It has worked up until recently when I seem to have outgrown it. My online search landed me on a Better Homes and Gardens article entitled 20 Creative Scrapbooking Storage Solutions. As I browsed through the article I landed on this idea for hanging up your hole and shape punches.

What a great idea! It is another wonderful way to take storage and organization vertical in order to open up your work space. I am looking to take this idea a step forward. I recently removed some wooden frames from my bedroom and had the wonderful thought that I could use the frames for hanging my punches; the storage part will take the same shape only the hooks will screw into the sides of the frames. I personally think the frame will add the ‘cute’ factor to this project. I haven’t gotten around to hitting the hardware store yet, but as soon as my frames are complete I’ll update this blog with a picture! Until then, I just had to share this idea with you guys. Thanks for reading!

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