Around the House – Cartoons

The funnies, drawings, animations, cartoons. For some people the cartoons are their favorite part of the Sunday morning paper. I too divulge in a giggle or two every week when I sit down and read the cartoons. I have a Grandfather who loves the Sunday cartoons and even takes the time to send us his favorite in the mail. With his birthday coming up on the 29th I wanted to incorporate cartoons into a birthday card, much like the card I made for my other Grandfather with the Sunday crossword puzzle.

This card is simple. Clean lines, basic colors, small embellishments. I really think he will love it; because that’s my Grandpa, clean lines, basic colors, and small embellishments. All you need for this card is a cartoon square (or strip) cut out, colored cardstock, and photo corners. It’s a great, easy card for a cartoon fan! Thanks for reading.

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