BeaOrganized – Ribbon

This week’s storage solution I am proud to call one of my own. My parents were renovating a bathroom in their home, had taken down a shelf, and were going to get rid of it. I snagged it and decided it was a perfect addition for my craft room, but more importantly for my ribbon storage! I have found myself, as I am sure you have, hoarding ribbon. Every time I go to Michaels I can’t help but peer into the $1 ribbon bin and grab a few spools. Then I get home, look at my stash and wonder where I’m going to put them! The thing I love most about this storage is that it takes all of the ribbon off of my workspace.

I love to ‘go vertical’ with storage, so I have more room to spread out what I’m working on. I have plans to take this storage solution a step further. On the bottom shelf, I plan on drilling holes on both ends and running a wooden dowel through the center so that the ribbon can spin and be accessed very easily. In the meantime, it’s working just fine for me! So next time you’re cleaning out a room, think…how can I use this in my craft room? I bet you’ll find something that will work for you! Thanks for reading!

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