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Let’s get organized! I have found that one key to keeping a craft space clutter-free is to keep items that I do not use frequently, out of the way, organized and easy to access for when I do need it. One craft supply that I seem to have a lot of but don’t use too frequently (oops!) are beads. Beads are great addition to a card (see an example here) or layout if you will not need to put the card in the mail. With the dimension that a bead adds to a card, it turns the card into a package and can make postage quite a bit more expensive. But for the right card, and the right person, it could be worth it!

Beads are tricky because they range from very small to very large; finding a suitable storage solution can be difficult. My mother is an avid cross-stitcher (check out her work here), she is constantly organizing and re-organizing her floss stash. She recently switched to a binder solution, and had some extra plastic floss containers so I snagged a few and put them to good use for bead storage.

There are a few features I like about using these containers, first is that they close with a flat top. I can fill them up with beads, stack them on top of each other, and put something on top that I use more frequently, for example my Xyron Adhesive Machine. I also like how many small compartments there are. This allows for your beads to be sorted neatly, without taking up a tremendous amount of space, and makes it easy to find exactly what you’re looking for. Finally, I like that these containers are opaque and not transparent. It allows me to see what is inside without having to completely open the box, but at the same time has a better asthetic appeal than a transparent container.

These containers are also great for storing embellishments, small punches, or any other accessories that fit inside! Now that I have looked at all my beads again, I think I’m going to have to put some to use on a few cards this week! Thanks for reading!

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