BeaInspired – Father’s Day

With tomorrow being Father’s Day what better inspiration is there for this week’s BeaInspired blog? I thought I would share the card that I made for my Dad this year. We celebrated Father’s Day today so my siblings and their spouses could all make it. I saw a card with this slogan in the last Paper Crafts Magazine and immediately thought of my Dad.

My Dad travels the world helping leaders develop and maximize their potential. I have been fortunate enough to be able to travel with my father around the world to places including: Australia, the United Kingdom, Hungary, Switzerland, Venezuela, and Korea. The saying “Dad, you taught me to fly.” extends beyond the physical meaning to me. My Dad is an entrepreneur, and that drive, passion, and excitement are instilled in me. My Dad inspires me everyday. So since it is Father’s day, I am sharing the card I made for a man who inspires me, my Dad.

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