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Rubber stamping on cards is borderline a necessity. Almost every card I create has a rubber stamp element to it. But this means that almost every time I create a card I fight the difficult battle of not smudging my stamped image! I can’t tell you how heartbreaking it is to finish a card and then see that your stamp has been smudged. I truly believe it can break a crafter’s spirit in half on the spot. But never fear! I have a storage solution today that will allow your cards to hang dry while keeping them out of danger and off of your creative space!

Pants hangers! Pants hangers are the perfect storage solution for drying cards. When hung on the wall, the hanger forces the back side of the card to be pushed forward, which in turn lifts the front side and prevents it from touching other cards hanging to dry above and below it. I find this to be extra nice when I’m working on a set of cards and want to see what I have come up with already, without having wet cards lying around my table. If you’re looking for a way to hang your cards to dry without stringing up lines across your craft room…then try hanging up some pants hangers on the wall.  Trust me, you will never go back. Thanks for reading!

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    I put up a length of ribbon and use either binder clips or clothespins. The other thing I do is to set up a small table and set the cards up about half an inch from each other in and open V. And overhead shot would look like this:

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