Around the House 12.0 – Mandarin Orange Bag

One of my favorite snacks during the fall and winter seasons is a mandarin orange. I swear our family can go through a 9lb. bag in a week! Not only do I think these bags would be great as reusable produce bags (hint hint) but I thought I could use the cool checkered pattern on a card. I started by just trying to cut a random section from the bag, what a disaster! I could not get the edges straight, it was falling apart, and the checkers were too messy looking. Right when I was about to give up on the idea…I saw the light.

The mandarin bag I used had a white stripe across the center with the farmer’s logo on it. However, when flipped over, the label had been adhered to the bag material keeping the orange checkers in tact! I cut my 4×5.5” section from this area giving me the illusion of orange checkers on white paper, with no work involved! All that was left was to mount the white and yellow papers on top; wrap and tie off the floss, and finally stamp and create a tag from my sentiment. This incredibly simple card is fast and easy, and again uses an item that can be found Around the House. Thanks for reading, please share your comments!

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    Brilliant! Love it!

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