Around the House 11.0 – Brads

Brads can be found at pretty much any craft supply store these days. Companies like Making Memories have fashioned brads in just about every way imaginable. But for this blog, let’s go back to the basics. Today we are talking about brads, as in office supply brads, they can be purchased in a box of 50-100 at half the price of a craft store. Granted, you may only be able to find brads in a large size, and in gold, but you can make those work if you’re trying to craft on a budget!

Find a paper in your scraps that has some type of gold fleck or gold accent, try a green paper that simply looks good next to gold, black is a great contrast for gold as well! If you’re on a budget, you can make it work, you just have to BeaOriginal!

Check out this 80th birthday card made, those brads are actually office supplies! Thanks for reading!

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