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Over the summer I was fortunate enough to visit South Korea with my parents. My favorite part of the trip was finding this little shop filled with handmade paper. The walls were filled with pull-out hangers, each with the most beautiful patterned paper draped across. I wish I could have picked up the store and dropped it in my backyard. Unfortunately I had to purchase only what I could carry and move on.

Two weeks ago my boyfriend and I were rediscovering downtown Chico. I realized that three were a bunch of little stores downtown that I had never even gone inside. One of the places we ventured to was Ellis Art & Engineering. As we wandered the aisles filled with engineering supplies, I came across a rack similar to the ones in Korea; it was covered with white papers. Immediately I swung my head from side to side searching for more paper. In the backroom I found two large dresser-like structures filled with colored handmade papers! I was overjoyed to say the least, and can’t wait to go back and see what new papers arrive. If you have never been to Ellis A&E, I suggest at least taking a peek…you might be surprised what you find; or visit their website Stay tuned for to see what products I use my new Ellis paper for!

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