Around the House 6.0 – ChicoBags

After a short hiatus BeaOriginal is back with another installment of Around the House! This week our blog is a little out of the ordinary, instead of talking about a card technique we are talking about storage space. If you don’t have a space specifically designated for your crafting, then you may find your projects lying all over the house. I’m fortunate enough to have an area in my home where my papercrafts congregate, however my knitting/crocheting projects keep popping up on every other surface of the house.

After battling with other members of the household I came up with a system for storing my projects. The solution: ChicoBags! Not only are these bags inherently awesome, they are made in my hometown Chico, CA. ChicoBags is a reusable bag that folds into a smaller bag as shown here:

I bought some small hooks that adhere to any surface, but can be removed without leaving a mark, and hung six on the inside of a closet door. Now I simply put all the supplies for a project in one of the bags and hang it on the door. When I’m done, I simply restuff the bag until I have another project to fill it with! The back of the door looks like this:

Now all of my projects are neatly organized and ready to be grabbed at a moment’s notice if I’m headed out the door. If you’re interested in purchasing some ChicoBags they come in a variety of colors and styles; I buy mine from this website – click here. Do you have a unique storage system for your projects? Please share in our comments section. Thanks for reading!

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